Back to School: Go Fish

Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.” -Chinese Proverb

It’s Back to School Time!  For most of us who pack lunches, it means… It’s sandwich time!

Last time I was at the grocery store, I saw something that made me laugh…. they were so cute…..I just couldn’t walk by without buying them.  All I could think was… My kids would have loved these when they were in Kindergarten….Now that I have 1 in college, 1 in high school, 1 in middle school and 1 in elementary school… they are too old for this….What a shame!

But I just couldn’t leave without buying the cutest little Goldfish Bread I have ever seen! They were calling my name!

On Ronnie’s first day of his Junior Year in High School, I made him a turkey and cheese sandwich and sent it to school with him… thinking he would get such a kick out of it…. He said his sandwich was the hit of the lunch table…. His friends want me to make them one!

Reis, my 11 year old is a total Foodie Dudie!  He has had more fun coming up with Goldfish Sandwich Ideas.

Here is his favorite so far!

Go Fish for Lunch

1 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Bread


Fresh Strawberries

Spread the Nutella on the bottom of the Bread.

Slice Strawberries and place on top of the Nutella.

Cover with top slice and get creative and Decorate your Fish!

Make these for lunch on the first day of school and you will be sure to bring a smile on their face when open their lunch!

Give me a sandwich and I eat for the day. Make me a Goldfish Sandwich and I feel your love all day!

Our children are never too old to know we love them every single day!

Kid Ratings: Alexandra 10, Ronnie 9.5, Reis 10, Riley8.5


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Manure Tea Gardening
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 03:03:20

    Love you blog site and what you are about looking forward to your tweets, post and recipes so far all is looking Yummy <|;-) Annie


  2. redkathy
    Sep 06, 2011 @ 19:21:29

    Cooking with kids is a very important task. I always invited my boys to help out. It paid off too. They both can cook and are self sufficient, healthy eaters.


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