Do you say “Pasta and Sauce” or “Macaroni and Gravy”

I am a creature of habit. I used to get up on Sunday Mornings, make coffee and enjoy reading the Sunday Paper in peace until the rest of the house came alive.  This was my Routine for many, many years…

These Sundays, I make coffee, grab my laptop and can’t wait to catch up with all my Twitter Friends.  Sunday Morning is one of my favorite time on Twitter!

This Sunday, the Foodie topic quickly turned into a  Pasta Debate….

Do you say “Pasta and Sauce” or “Macaroni and Gravy?”

Let me tell you, Foodies are very passionate about their food terms… Some, like @McMedia were adamant that in New York, there is no question…. Macaroni and Gravy it is!

@Liza_Rae quickly tweeted … pasta (unless we’re talking mac and cheese). sauce – never gravy – gravy goes on meat. AND i’m italian ….grandfather came from italy as did my husband’s dad -our families all say sauce. 🙂

@WorkMomTravels agreed …@familyfoodie Ah, age old debate. My Italian-American family has always said “macaroni” & “gravy”.

@yankeegrlconnie was right in there… its macaroni…no doubt

Just as I was thinking Macaroni and Gravy it is… @RossellaRago Host of Cooking with Nonna and Winner of Food Network 24 Hour Restaurant Battle tweeted…  @familyfoodie Absolutely Pasta with Sauce! 🙂  oh, oh, I’m thinking she is an expert on Italian Cooking after all!

And then @savvyhost jumps in and puts it all in perspective…. Roman roots, PASTA….per south side #Chicago, GRAVY

@thedailybasics shared an old family secret with us …. My Mom was an Interior Designer and an absolutlye HORRENDOUS cook! Thank goodness for Nonna!

Quickly we realize that not all Interior  Designers are Horrendous cooks when @jbint shares her family’s favorite pasta recipe….. Interior Dish: @familyfoodie Pasta & Egg { Our family favorite! } Little olive oil & pinch of salt! Kids love!

I am a big believer that the best cooks are not the ones with culinary backgrounds or the best ingredients, but the ones who cook with love!  I had to try this simple and incredibly easy recipe for #SundaySupper!

And that’s why I love connecting with My Twitter Friends on Sunday Morning….  although you say Po-tay-to and I say Po-tah-to, we are all the same… We enjoy our time Around the Family Table!

So what is it?  Macaroni and Gravy or Pasta and Sauce

16 Pasta and Sauce

4 Macaroni and Gravy

5 Wishy Washy, could go either way!

Our #SundaySupper Menu: Pork chops & Salmon on the grill, Eggie Pasta and Broccoli w/ Genovese Basil Sauce

So simple and Easy and Delicious!


1 lb Bow Tie Pasta or Macaroni

3 Eggs

3 TBS Olive Oil

1/2 Cup Parmesan Cheese

Salt & Pepper to taste
Fill Medium Saucepan with water and a splash of salt. Do not use as much water as if you were to drain pasta. You want the pasta to absorb most of the water.

Add pasta when water begins to boil. When pasta is soft and most of the water is absorbed, beat 3 eggs, add to pasta and stir.

Add olive Oil and mix well.  Mix in  parmesan cheese and you will have the creamiest pasta ever!

Lightly season with Salt and Pepper.

Kid Rating: Alexandra 9, Ronnie 9.5, Reis 10, Riley 10

It’s a keeper in our home for sure!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle Maskaly aka The Adirondack Chick
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 14:31:23

    I never call it gravy, and always call it sauce. However, I interchage the macaroni and pasta words. Usually I refer to thinks like spaghetti as macaroni, call other things pasta. But, I also call the macaroni/pasta by it’s name most of the time. So if it’s ziti, I call it ziti. If it’s bowties, I call it bowties. …. I know, it’s weird. 🙂


  2. Jim Joseph
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 11:03:44

    Sorry I missed it! For me it’s pasta and sauce all the way baby! Every Sunday night without a miss – but with meatballs! Jim.


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