A day of Great Cooking, Great Wine and Great Friends: The Teriyaki Burger from you know where

Things had been smooth sailing and Sandi aka @McMedia and I were very proud of our creations.

We decided we wanted a healthy burger, perhaps sliders…. smaller portions are always a good thing.  Well what else would one use if they wanted their burger recipe to be healthier but ground turkey… right?

We added red onions, pineapple and panko bread crumbs…. mixed it all up and couldn’t wait to throw it on the grill…

That’s when things started not to get so easy….you see this burger was way too healthy!  It was so healthy that there was absolutely no fat and it became very difficult to flip on the grill!  It actually took two of us to flip it on the grill and it maybe wasn’t the prettiest burger we had ever seen…

Well with a little creative burger design, we were able to save our Teriyaki Burgers from you know where!

And guess what?  They may not have been our prettiest creation but they sure were tasty!  We paired these with the Georges Duboeuf Brouilly 2009 and the wine complimented the teriyaki taste quite nicely.

My Boys Ratings:

Ronnie 9, Reis 10, Riley 8

Overall a huge success!


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